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    1'015'450 ha
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    09°52'N 10°37'W
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Niger-Mafou. 17/01/02; Kankan, Faranah; 1,015,450 ha; 09°53'N 010°37'W. Réserve naturelle gérée. A very large area of permanent and seasonal rivers and freshwater marshes, with irrigated and seasonally flooded agricultural land, located between and around the rivers Niger and Mafou. Large areas of primary dry forest support a high level of unusual biodiversity, and the area has been little altered by human intervention. The threatened endemic fish Arius gigas is supported, and a number of waterbirds visit the site annually. Moreover, the site is situated in a migratory corridor for large mammals between Guinea and neighboring states, with abundant water resources for them throughout the year. Water quality is good, but increases in cotton-growing and the use of pesticides may offer a threat - moreover, the mahogany tree Afzelia africana, highly prized in woodworking, is now menaced with extinction. Traditional fishing is economically important, as is agriculture and grazing, but losses due to clearing and deforestation are not negligible, and the use of explosives in fishing is diminishing fish stocks. The numerous ponds figure prominently in cultural life, with family and village festivals and rituals said to bring moral and material happiness. Reprint of the RIS. Ramsar site no. 1163.Most recent RIS information: 2001.

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Préf. de Kouroussa, Préf. de Faranah

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    • Parc National
    • Réserve naturelle gérée
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