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    3'409 ha
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    70°30'N 28°24'E
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Tanamunningen. 06/08/02; Finnmark; 3,409 ha; 070°30'N 028°25'E. Nature Reserve, IBA. The Tana is one of the largest rivers in Norway and the most important for wild salmon Salmo salar. The mouth of the river has created a shallow estuary, partly brackish, and huge underwater deposits of gravel. Some sandy islands are situated in the middle of the site. An unspoilt river estuary of this size is rare in Europe. The site is particularly important for Goosander Mergus merganser, with 21,000 individuals registered in October 2010. The River Tana plays a significant role in flood protection and sediment transport and is extremely important for the local Sami culture, both as a traditional means of transport and as a source of salmon. Possible threats to the site include the introduction of invasive species through the unloading of ballast water, potential oil spills and plans for the development of a new quarry on the western side of the site. Ramsar Site no. 1197. Most recent RIS information: 2012.

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    • Nature Reserve
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