Nemrut Caldera

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Nemrut Caldera

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    4'589 ha
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    38°37'N 42°14'E
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Nemrut Caldera (Nemrut Kalderasi). 17/04/2013; Bitlis; 4,589 ha; 38°3710N 042°1354E. Nature Monument. The caldera of the Nemrut volcano, located on the western shore of Lake Van in the eastern part of Turkey (Eastern Anatolia), is one of the most important wetlands of Bitlis province and is part of an active stratovolcano which has a unique structural morphology in Turkey. The eastern half of the caldera is filled by pyroclastic deposits related to maar-like explosion craters, lava domes and flows. The western half is filled by a freshwater lake and a small lake with hot springs, in addition to a number of small temporal lakes. The largest lake, Lake Nemrut, has a half-moon shape, an average depth of 100 meters, and colorless, odorless and drinkable water. There are rich plant communities in the caldera and Velvet Scoter Melanitta fusca used to breed in Nemrut in 1989. The site is government-owned, but some livestock grazing takes place. The main activities are recreation and tourism, and there is a winter sports and ski centre in the surrounding area. The main ecological threat to the site is overgrazing. Ramsar Site no. 2145. Most recent RIS information: 2013.

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Bitlis Province

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    • Nature Monument
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