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Assif Mgoun

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    1'400 ha
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    31°33'N 06°13'W
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The Mgoun river in the High Atlas is a tributary of Oued Dr’a, the largest river to emerge from the mountain range’s southern slope. The Site consists of the permanent central stretch of the river and its temporary upstream extension, as well as four small permanent tributaries. Its diverse habitats, at the southern limit of the Palearctic ecozone, support a rich biodiversity and many endemic species. It hosts more than 100 species of aquatic arthropod, including ten endemic species; and rare or endemic vertebrates including three fish species, one reptile, one bird and three mammals. The hydrologically-stable high-altitude cold springs and brooks provide ideal conditions for the reproduction of endemic fish such as Draa trout (Salmo multipunctata) and Draa barbel (Luciobarbus lepineyi) and about 20 aquatic or semi-aquatic plant species. The riverbank vegetation is composed of water plants such as buttercups, Phragmites and Typha, and trees and shrubs such as laurel, tamarisk and willow. This vegetation and the neighbouring orchards and cliffs attract some 40 bird species, of which about 15 breed there. The traditional irrigation practices of local communities add social and cultural values to this wetland and enhance hydrological processes. The Site is part of a large mountainous territory that has received the UNESCO Geopark status.

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Région de Drâa-Tafilalet

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