Complexe de zones humides de la plaine de Guerbes-Sanhadja

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Complexe de zones humides de la plaine de Guerbes-Sanhadja

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    42,100 ha
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    36°53'N 07°16'E
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Complexe de zones humides de la plaine de Guerbes-Sanhadja. 02/02/01; Skikda, El Tarf; 42,100 ha; 36°53'N 007°16'E. Planned Regional Nature Park. A large coastal plain between the hills of Skikda and the forested massif of Chetaïbi near Cap de Fer, including the delta of the Wadi El Kébir. Amongst the characteristic dunes can be found a multitude of depressions and valleys forming lakes and "garâas" (marshes) from a few to several dozen hectares in area, on a plain that is described as a "bioclimatic crossroads" including sub-Saharan and European as well as Mediterranean characteristics. In addition to its significant biological diversity, the site is important for migratory birds (especially as a nesting place for Oxyura leucocephala and Aythya nyroca) and fish and eels. Human uses include agriculture (especially tomatoes and melons) and grazing; potential threats include unmanaged agricultural expansion and runoff and waste-water from upstream villages. Ramsar site no. 1056. Most recent RIS information: 2001.

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Wilaya de Skikda,Wilaya d'El Tarf

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