Reserva Particular do Patrimonio Natural SESC Pantanal

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Reserva Particular do Patrimonio Natural SESC Pantanal

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  • Area: 
    87,871 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    16°39'S 56°15'W
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Reserva Particular do Patrimonio Natural SESC Pantanal. 06/12/02; Mato Grosso State; 87,871 ha; 16°39'S 056°15'W. Privately owned nature reserve. A significant and representative sample of the large Pantanal wetlands, known as Poconé's Pantanal, a private estate fully owned by the Serviço Nacional do Comercio (SESC) and established in 1998 as a reserve. The site, a mix of permanent rivers, seasonal streams, permanent and seasonal floodplain fresh water lakes, shrub-dominated wetlands, and seasonally flooded forests, satisfies all eight Ramsar criteria for designation as a Wetland of International Importance and is an excellent ecological complement to the Pantanal Matogrossense, already on the Ramsar List. The site contains several endangered species including hyacinth macaws Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus, giant otters Pteronura brasiliensis, and marsh deer Blastocerus dichotomus, as well as numerous nesting sites for the rare Jabiru Jabiru mycteria. Populations of over 20,000 cormorants Phalacrocorax brasiliensis and some of the Pantanal's healthiest nesting sites for wood stork Mycteria americana are also found within. Many of the 260 fish species in the Pantanal are also believed to be found in the Reserva, a good number having a high commercial value. Since sport and commercial fishing is prohibited inside, the reserve provides essential ecological refuge for fish in the Cuiabá and Sâo Lourenço rivers. The SESC administers this private reserve, under the supervision of the Brazilian Intitute for the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources (IBAMA), and is responsible for implementing its management plan and carrying out environmental education activities and non-intensive ecotourism at the site. Ramsar site no. 1270.Most recent RIS information: 2002.

Administrative region: 
Mato Grosso

  • National legal designation: 
    • Private Natural Heritage Reserve(RPPN)
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