Laguna de Llancanelo

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Laguna de Llancanelo

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    65,000 ha
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  • Coordinates: 
    35°45'S 69°07'W
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Laguna de Llancanelo. 08/11/95; Mendoza; 65,000 ha; 35°45'S 069°08'W. Provincial Faunal Reserve. A high altitude, saline lake situated on a large salt crust, in a semi-desert environment. Water originating from mountain snow melt determines seasonal lake levels. Most vegetation is drought or salt tolerant. A limited mountain scrub flora and Patagonian steppe reach the area around the lake. The system supports internationally significant populations of waterbirds (74 species), 15 migratory bird species in summer, 24 regularly nesting and two endangered species. A population of 8,000 Coscoroba coscoroba take refuge while flightless during post-breeding molt. Human activities include ranching, grazing, illegal fishing, and hunting. Water provides for domestic and irrigation needs. Placed on the Montreux Record on 2 July 2001. Subject of a Ramsar Advisory Mission in November 2001. Ramsar site no. 759. Most recent RIS information: 1995.

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    • Reserva Provincial
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