Lake Shabla

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Lake Shabla

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    404 ha
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    43°34'N 28°33'E
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Lake Shabla. 19/03/96; 404 ha; 43°35'N 028°33'E. Shablensko ezero (Shabla Lake), Protected Area. Two brackish, coastal lakes connected by an artificial canal. The lakes overlie an horizon of sand 4-5m thick deposited on top of a rich peat layer; evidence of a long marsh period. Limestone forms huge karst fields in parts of the wetland. An internationally important area for the endangered Redbreasted goose (Branta ruficollis), providing wintering habitat for over 75% of the world population and up to 180,000 wintering White-fronted geese (Anser albifrons). The site supports various species of breeding birds and endemic birds and the endangered plants Cladium mariscus, Nuphar lutea, Nymphaea alba. The wetlands serve as water supply for domestic and industrial use, agriculture irrigation, fishing, angling and livestock grazing. Ramsar site no. 801. Most recent RIS information: 1996.

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    • Protected area
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