Nigula Nature Reserve

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Nigula Nature Reserve

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    6,398 ha
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    58°00'N 24°40'E
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Nigula Nature Reserve. 17/06/97; Pärnu County; 6,398 ha; 58°00'N 024°40'E. Nature Reserve, Protected Area, IBA. Extensive bog complex of various types, fringed by deciduous forest. The site includes a relict lake, many pools and hollows. Ancient bog areas (9,000 years old) consist of a peat layer up to 8 m deep. The wetlands play an important role in groundwater hydrology and maintenance of water quality in southwestern Estonia. The site supports numerous species of summering waterbirds and acts as a stopover place for fall migrating birds, regularly supporting up to 40,000 Anser albifrons and Anser fabalis. The mammals Ursus arctos, Canis lupus, Alces alces, Lutra lutra, and Lynx lynx live in marginal parts of the mire. Principal human activities include research and small tourist excursions. Area significantly extended in 2007. Ramsar site no. 910. Most recent RIS information: 2008.

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Nigula Nature Reserve Ramsar Site is part of the "North Livonian" Transboundary Ramsar Site along with Sookuninga Nature Reserve Ramsar Site (No. 1748) in Estonia and Northern Bogs Ramsar Site (No. 1385) in Latvia, established in 2007.

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    • nature reserve
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